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ICT RFID system provides a care free solution for cash flow management with outstanding security and economy


Nowadays RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technology has a great progress and is widely applied in many market spaces. This tendency deriving from diverse market requirements directly leads to the strong market growth. The global market for RFID products and services, according to a report done by market research firm IDTechEx, will reach to 9.2 billion in 2014 and will approach 20 billion by 2018: TechNavio’s report published in 2014 also shows the growth of the global RFID market at a CAGR of 22.4% over the period of 2013-2018. The market development for RFID, obviously, is expectable and optimistic.

Regarding to market spaces of RFID, one important issue is about cash flow management for end users and operators. RFID provides a convenient and safe way to top-up and redeem, and it leads to efficient cash flow management with less manpower, fewer errors, and higher security. More importantly, RFID improves transaction throughout the entire process with greater traceability and higher reliability. Thus, RFID will be an inevitable trend for the development of cash flow control.

International Currency Technologies Corp. (ICT), the premier developer and manufacturer of unattended payment solutions, launches advanced RFID system to meet customers’ requirements for easier and more convenient cash flow management. Currently ICT RFID system comprises three products: RFID Reader, RFID Handheld, and Multi-Function Change Machine. RFID Reader with CMAG card station offers easy installation and storage of daily transaction of each month through remarkable security and reliability; RFID Handheld also enhances user convenience with outstanding mobility; Multi-Function Change Machine, a solution integrating RFID Reader, bill acceptor, coin acceptor, hopper, and card dispenser into one machine, successfully connects RFID Reader to other payment devices and provides more flexible and diverse integration solution for any type of application.

“RFID is absolutely necessary for operators to strongly benefit their cash flow management,” said Richard Yang, product department manager at ICT, “ICT RFID system plays a significant role to integrate current ICT payment solutions and customers’ needs into a better solution to decrease the cost of traditional cash flow management and strengthen both security and efficiency for gaming & amusement industry.”


  RFID reader RFID Handheld Multi-Function Change Machine